RE•FRAME with elise
RE•FRAME with elise
Overcoming self-doubt to live like never before.

transformational COAChing

overcoming self-doubt

to live like never before


dear growth-minded & passionate womAn,

I know you’re committed to living a life that matters. Full of love, impact, fulfillment, and rich experiences.

When you think about your life, exactly how it is at this exact moment - your career or business, relationships, health, spirituality, and passions - you are grateful and fulfilled. Well, mostly fulfilled. When you take a closer look, you know that one (or two) pieces of your life just simply aren’t working the way you want them to. Self-doubt, limiting beliefs, and comparison, are getting in the way. Perhaps your inner voice is running the show and fear is holding you back from taking the first step. Or you’re falling victim to the comparison trap of what everyone else is doing (and doing better at, right?).

You’re looking for more confidence, and more importantly, clarity on what to do next. Clarity will allow you to live like never before — present, at ease, and fully you. Clarity will propel you into aligned action to bring your truest, deepest desires into your current reality.

You’ve come to the right place. Let’s reframe.



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Nourished by connection, doing the unexpected, and committed to helping women live unstoppable lives.

 Client Love

Working with Elise has been a powerful experience. She gave me a much needed shift in perspective that has allowed me to make some major strides in my business. I’m no stranger to coaching and I know how profound it can be; however, I found Elise to be exceptional. Her listening skills, her empathy, and her wisdom.

The shift in my outlook re: my business was the key to me stepping into my power as a woman and as a business owner and has allowed me to see the opportunities that I was previously overlooking. I have since then doubled my clients; more importantly I’m loving the experience. My list of wants that felt distant is becoming a reality. This shift has of course spilled over into other areas of my life as a wife and mother. I feel confident and I feel more like myself than ever.
— Nicole, Owner, Ritual Pilates

The question isn’t “what if?”…it’s “what if I don’t?”.

let’s live like never before.