complimentary 30-day reframe bootcamp

You read that right, girlfriend! I am offering three spots completely FREE to join my 30-day RE•FRAME one-on-one coaching program. Day 1 starts THIS Monday, March 18. We’re saying “heck yes!” quickly to get out of our own way.

Are you looking for clarity in one or more areas of your life? Are you looking to build a strong unbreakable foundation of self-love? Are you ready to stop the excuses and take action to bring forth a healthier, more loving mindset? Are you ready to live MORE FULLY in the present?

Then this 30-Day RE•FRAME Bootcamp if for you!

During these 30 days you will:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of your existing beliefs and what is causing you to feel stuck.

  • Confront your doubts, fears, and limiting beliefs head-on.

  • Shift your perspective and learn tools to quickly adjust your mindset to build resilience in the face of any obstacle.

  • Learn cutting-edge techniques and tips to remove fear, eliminate weakness, and conquer the comparison trap.

  • Develop and execute on a crystal-clear action plan to bring your most desired goal into your current reality.

  • Have a FUN, authentic coach who will keep you honest, keep you accountable, and assist you in making adjustments to bring forth your new reality!

This program is right for you, if you are ready to commit and say yes to:

  • A 30-minute re•frame kick-off call to discuss where you are now and where you want to go.

  • Completing and actively engaging with weekly homework exercises (1-2 hours/week).

  • A 30-minute mid-way check-in call with yours truly.

  • A final 30-minute CELEBRATION call to talk wins, crush any lingering fears/doubts/limiting beliefs, and map out your next 30 days of LIVING FULLY as a Re•framer.

After completing the 30-Day Re•frame Bootcamp you will:

  • Have a strong foundation of self-love, so you can show up bigger and brighter in your own life.

  • Have greater awareness of your go-to thought patterns and stories that have stopped you in the past and have the necessary tools to take back your power and take ALIGNED action.

  • Have a clear roadmap and action plan to bring forth one burning desire into your reality.

  • A new trusted friend and partner who wants nothing more than to see you succeed, live in abundance, and live life FULLY (hey, that’s me!).

All I ask from you: At the end of the 30 days, write me a fabulous, glowing testimonial. Yes, I’m being bold in the use of “fabulous” and “glowing” because I am that sure these 30 days will shake up your existing reality and have you feeling more grounded, free, and bringing forth the reality you deeply desire.

Apply for your free spot today! Complete the sign up form below to apply.

I will reach out to the three chosen Re•framers on Sunday, March 17 by 5 pm PST. The program will run through Sunday, April 14.

Are you ready to reframe your life, sister?! Let’s do this.

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