Photo Credit: Erik Ehinger

Photo Credit: Erik Ehinger

About elise


I’m Elise Telford.

It’s time for some real talk (you’ll learn pretty quickly, I’m a straight shooter).

Self-doubt, fear, and weakness aren’t things that can be conquered just once, and then *poof* they’re gone forever, never to interfere with our lives again.

It requires constant evaluation, choice, and actions to quiet the noise to live like never before.

This way of being first uncovered itself in the spring of 2016 when I found myself heartbroken and lost after a “breakup”. I fell hard. I mean really, really hard. Flat on my face. Even though it was only a four-month ( yet intense, exciting, crazy, passionate) fling, I was convinced he was “the one”. After he ended it, I found myself asking, “what’s next?”. I was completely lost. Without even realizing it, in this short amount of time, I had molded myself to his passions and interests, and had lost sight of Elise’s goals, wants, and desires.

So, what does a gal do? She takes a 10-day solo trip from Denver to Portland, Seattle, and San Diego to reconnect with herself, heart and find her confidence again. This trip was the catalyst and the “aha-moment” that spurred a 360-degree shift in my mindset and life — which included quitting my cushy corporate marketing job in Washington, D.C. to relocate to sunny San Diego with no job, no community, and no real plan of what was next.

After six months of deliberation, planning, and plenty of doubts (and frantic texts to my mom), I turned my burning desire of moving to the West Coast, in pursuit of a full life designed by ME, into my new reality.

I didn’t have a magic wand to create the perfect job opportunity to relocate me (that was the logical path, right?) or to create the “right time” or give me the answer of what I should do next.

I listened to what my heart was telling me I needed to do. There was no other option, no plan B. It was San Diego or bust. And this was just the beginning. After 5 weeks, 5 countries, 5 flights, 10 trains, and 14,155 miles over the summer of 2018, I know exactly what is takes to take action even in the face of fear and the unknown, to bring our deepest desires into existence.

I started RE•FRAME to leverage my experiences and help women gain clarity and live a more fulfilled life.

RE•FRAME is a way of life. I am madly in love with the feeling of seeing a fellow fierce female fulfill a deep-seeded dream, goal, or desire that catapults her into living a more fulfilled life.

I live in sunny San Diego and am a Digital Marketing Strategist by day. A few of my favorite things include salty ocean air, the mountains, the cozy feeling of a warm cup of coffee early in the morning, yummy food, and spending time with my people. My life mantra is “ask & try”. Two actions that are always available to us in unlimited quantities.

Download Elise’s extended biography here.

About re•FRAME

Re•frame was born out of the passion for LIVING FULLY. Elise coaches brilliant women to gain MORE CLARITY + remove SELF-DOUBT in their current season of life to bring her deepest, truest desires into her current reality.

There is nothing so powerful as a woman who has turned a deep desire into her new reality.

Confidence radiates from her, sureness of self envelopes her way of being, she is able to be the woman she’s always known herself to be. Yet, as an avid learner and advocate of self-improvement, I have found that the number one thing that often stops us from moving forward is self-doubt.

We have deep desires, but self-doubt can stop us in our tracks. Whether it’s taking the leap into your second career after building up a successful 8-year digital marketing career, or committing to a healthier lifestyle that fits YOU (not all those Instagram influencers), or reconnecting to the true you after a divorce or break up.

The self-doubt that often arises sounds like: What if I fail? What if things don’t go as planned? Will people actually care?

The problem with self-doubt? It keeps us stuck.

Stuck in the same mindset, the same limiting beliefs, the same actions, and stuck in the same reality.

So instead, make a conscious, deliberate decision to take a “pause”. A pause gives the power back to us. It gets us out of our heads, it creates distance from our self-doubt and the overwhelm. It creates a space for a shift in perspective — a RE•FRAME — of our thoughts and circumstances to bring us back to the why of what we so deeply desire [the new career, the healthier lifestyle, the wholeness of self post-divorce or breakup].

I believe the answers lie in self-discovery, grounded teaching, deep self-love, finding and trusting your intuition, and a rock-solid action plan. Oh, and a heck of a lot of fun!