Quieting the [Other] Voices


“Do you have a business plan mapped out?”

“Are you sure you want to start dating again so soon after your divorce?”

“But will your partner support you traveling and working abroad 6,000 miles away?”

Do those questions sound familiar? The questions from loved ones and friends. Well-intentioned loved ones and friends who want to offer their help, support, and perspective, but somehow really miss the mark.

This has been very present for me lately. When we desire REALLY BIG things in our life, it’s often hard for others to understand or relate. They want to support us and most often than not, they genuinely do. But the problem with support is, it can also bring with it a slew of outside questions, thoughts, and opinions.

More questions arise…”should I?”, “what if?”, and “maybe they’re right?” Poof!…self-doubt now exists where it didn’t before.

My response to that?

F*ck that noise. That noise wasn’t born from our own heads and hearts, it was placed there.

So the burning question is, how do we quiet the voices that aren’t our own?

We close our eyes, take a deep breathe (or maybe ten) and re-connect with ourselves, our mission, and the whole purpose of why we’re committed to bringing our big desires into our reality.

Why we’re committed to building the purpose-driven business, opening our hearts to a new relationship, or having the confidence to explore working and living 6,000 miles away.

A magic pair of earmuffs don’t exist (yet) to quiet the voices, opinions, and words of others, no matter how well-intentioned they may be. So, it’s up to us. Just like it’s up to us, to believe and take massive action towards what sets our hearts on fire, it’s up to us to make our mission and purpose louder than the other outside voices.


I’m a visual person, so my weekly challenge often incorporates writing or journaling. Words are deeply powerful and the more I see something, the truer it becomes.

  1. Grab a piece of paper and write down all the words, phrases, questions, and opinions you’ve heard from other people about your life and goals. Get it all out. Fill up the paper.

  2. Now go find matches or a lighter in your junk drawer and light that baby on fire. As the flames consume the paper, let those words, phrases, questions, and opinions that are not yours, go. Let it all go.

  3. Write down WHY you’re committed to turning this deep desire into your new reality. This can be done on a fresh piece of paper, a Post-it, or you can even create a custom laptop or smartphone background image using a free tool like Canva.

  4. Place your WHY somewhere where you’ll read it every single morning and night for the next 30 days. This will serve as your reminder that your WHY is all that matters and not the other voices.

Have you started the weekly challenge? Let me know in the comments! I’d love to hear about your experience.

Elise TelfordComment